Connecting students with homestay families in Brisbane








Enjoy a cultural experience whilst completing your studies. Benefits of homestay living gives students a unique advantage to improving English whilst becoming acqainted with Australian way of life. Not only does the cross-cultural exchange benefit all involved, but the opportunity to discover a different culture in a friendly supportive environment fosters rewarding international friendships. It is well established that students who immerse themselves in an English speaking environment, improve their English more significantly.

Our host families are carefully screened; so that a secure, comfortable and rewarding experience is enjoyed by student and host alike.

Homestay hosts

Hosting international students is a rewarding experience as you get to share your own culture, learn about others’  cultures and most often make lifelong friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain real insight into other cultures and amazingly brings new awareness of your own. To further the experience, host payments will assist you to cover costs of meals, and sight-seeing excursions you both will enjoy as you take your student out to show them local sites.

We are confident that any commitment to hosting students with welcoming and supportive environments will be a rewarding experience for both and especially improves chances for student’s academic success and overall mutual cultural acceptance.