Benefits and requirements for hosting international students

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How does homestay work

International students often come to Australia to learn more about study opportunities and improve their English skills. Being late teenagers/early adults providing a supportive family environment helps them with the familiarisation of a new culture and settling in to new challenges. This is why we help students find host families. Homestay hosting is more than just renting out a room; and so the rewards are not only financial but also intrinsic. It is about introducing a young student to our culture, creating a warm, friendly home environment and in turn learning new insights about their cultures and often leads to lifelong friendships.

Homestay family requirements

To becoming a homestay host it is required that you have a spare bedroom(s) in your home in a suburb close to Brisbane and be able to provide a friendly home environment for a university student.

Overview of essential requirements:

  • A safe, secure home within 30-40 minutes of Brisbane City via public transport.
  • An individual room for the student with appropriate furnishings such as student bedroom (including bed linen), desk, chair, study light and cupboard space; as well as laundry and bathing facilities.
  • Three or two meals a day depending on individual student arrangement.
  • Speak English.
  • Be prepared to spend some time to interact with the student, introducing them to our way of life and helping then find their way.

Steps to becoming a homestay host with

  1. Complete the “Homestay Provider Details” form by downloading pdf form or online
  2. Once we have these details we will make an appointment for one of our homestay staff to inspect the premises
  3. Read, understand and sign our Nice Homestay documentation and policies. (This includes, for those who are renting to gain a signed letter of permission from your landlord to allow homestay hosting).
  4. Check your insurance policy and ensure you have public liability and household insurance.

Forms for host provider

Form 1 (Host provider details)

Choose to download host provider form as pdf and complete offline (Note form fields are fillable so if opening in Adobe Acrobat you can simply enter data into the relevant fileds)


Complete online

Form 2 (Policies and Guidelines)

Download host policy / guidelines  form (3 page pdf)


Note 1 (Emergency contacts and dealing with issues)

Download emergency contact notice — general advice for dealing with issues or emergencies notice

Past hosts we welcome all feedback

Initially, I signed up for a short term just to see how I would go; but I really enjoyed being host.  Having travelled a bit to Asia, I though I thought I knew it reasonably well but now I have gained greater insight to the culture and can’t wait to travel again as I think I will appreciate my holiday even more. Overall I found the experience to be mutually rewarding and so now choosing to go for long term hosting.


You aim to teach a lot but end up learning a lot. It is amazing the different way other cultures approach everyday topics. Just yesterday I learnt a new way to cook rice.